Weight Management for Pets

By achieving a healthy weight, your cat or dog will be less likely to develop underlying issues.

Weight management is an important part of your pet’s health care. Consultations for weight management include regular weigh-ins and progress reports customized for each individual pet’s requirements. Our doctors and veterinary technicians are always available to answer questions about nutritional requirements and weight management for your dog or cat. To learn more contact us at 403-984-4143.

Why would my pet need weight management?

Your pet’s weight plays a major role in their health. Weight gain for cats and dogs can cause them to develop diseases, chronic pain or arthritis. The extra toll on their body often leads to a shorter life span and long term discomfort. Our weight management consultations teach pet owners how to help their pet achieve a healthier lifestyle.

What support do you provide during a weight management consultation?

During these sessions, our veterinarians provide expert instruction on how to feed and train your pet on their new diet. We will show you different types of exercise you can encourage your pet to do. They will need to get used to their new eating habits, so we will also teach you how to reward them for good behaviour with attention rather than food. At each consultation we weigh your pet, monitor their progress and cheer them on as they progress through their weight loss journey.

How will these changes affect my home or routine?

Weight management includes changing how often they eat, increasing their physical activity and limiting their treats. This will be a huge adjustment for you and your family. Pet owners need all the self-discipline they can muster to lead their pets to success. If you have younger (or easily charmed) family members, it’s important to share your pet’s goals with them too. Get them involved in your pet’s physical activities and feeding habits. Your pet’s weight loss journey is a group effort and is only effective when taken seriously by everyone.

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