Surgical Services

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

Our clinic is fully equipped to perform a variety of medical procedures. Our staff has years of experience and have specially trained veterinarians who are experts at particular surgeries. Your pet will be safely screened so procedures can be planned according to their individual needs. Our veterinarians will be happy to answer any of your questions about the surgeries we offer when you call us at 403-984-4143.

What happens when it’s decided my pet needs surgery?

How your pet must prepare depends on the surgery they’re having. Sometimes they will have to fast the day before, sometimes they won’t. In all cases, they will be examined prior to their procedure to ensure their specific needs are met and to determine the level of anesthesia they can take. All surgery patients receive intravenous fluids and medications for pain control while in the hospital. Your pets receive complete care instructions and post-operative pain medications when they are discharged from the hospital.

Is anesthesia safe for my pet?

During pre-surgery testing, we do a blood check to expose any underlying issues that would be negatively impacted by anesthesia. If they are approved, the anesthesia is exclusively tailored to your pet. Gas anesthesia allows our doctors to carefully regulate and monitor your pet during surgeries and procedures. Most animals will wake up from anesthesia nausea free and with routinely administered pain medication to minimize any post-op discomfort.

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