Senior Care

Supporting your pet through their golden years with specialized care and monitoring.

It may seem like only yesterday your pet was a playful puppy or frisky kitten. Did you know dogs are considered “senior citizens” around 7 or 8 years of age, while cats are considered old at the 11 year mark? Like you, your pet’s medical needs change as they grow older. Now that they’ve reached their golden years, they will require geriatric care. Our veterinarians have developed a comprehensive senior wellness program for pets entering this stage of their life. To learn more about our specialized senior care, contact us at 403-984-4143.

What are the benefits of senior care?

The key to keeping your older pet healthy is preventive care. Senior care allows us to monitor their well-being as they age. Through semi-annual wellness exams, blood, urine and parasite testing and other preventive measures we can spot potential health risks before they become chronic and difficult to treat. Our veterinarians and staff work with you to develop a wellness plan that considers your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle. We also provide annual blood pressure evaluations for all dogs and cats over 7 years of age. This allows for early detection of high blood pressure, before organ damage may occur.

How do I know my pet needs senior care?

You may notice your pet has less energy, has difficulty moving or is less keen to play. Sometimes there are visible physical changes. A dog’s fur will get grey around their head or muzzle, while cats will struggle to groom and need help to stay clean. These are just a few signs your pet is reaching their old age. In some cases, your pet’s changed behaviour could indicate an underlying medical issue, like cancer or kidney disease, which often develops at an older age. This is why we suggest semi-annual veterinary exams. The sooner we can detect illnesses, the better we can treat them.

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