Parasite Control & Prevention

Year-round parasite prevention is essential to protect your pet from internal & external parasites.

There are many parasites your pet may encounter throughout their life. To keep them safe and maintain your peace of mind, our veterinarians offer preventative methods to protect your pet from major infestations. We know how to deworm, test for parasites and prescribe the ideal medication from our in-house pharmacy. To learn more about our parasite control and prevention plans, call us at 403-984-4143.

How can my pet catch a parasite?

Parasites can be worms, fleas and any living creature that latches on to your pet’s body and causes irritation or long term discomfort. They can encounter a parasite in infected areas, by interacting with animals who have them or getting bitten by an insect, like a mosquito, that can transfer worms.

How do I know if my pet has a parasite in their body?

If your pet is scratching, gnawing at their fur or going through rapid physical changes, like weight loss or a growing pot belly, it’s safe to assume they contracted a parasite. Parasites can cause your pet to develop irritable skin conditions, extreme fatigue and have difficulty breathing. If you check your pet’s skin from regular grooming, you may find ticks, fleas and patches of fur from constant itching.

What kind of medication do you provide for parasite infections?

If our veterinarians discover your pet has a parasite, we prescribe medication in the form of a pill (that can be flavoured for easy consumption) or topical cream. These are remedies that should be given monthly (or otherwise, depending on the specific medication) and continue long after the parasite is removed.

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