Nutrition Counselling

Tailored guidance and support optimizing a pet’s overall well-being through proper dietary choices.

Nutrition counselling focuses on your pet’s eating habits and dietary restrictions. As we all know, a balanced nutrition keeps your pet in good health. However, not all food carries the proteins and minerals your pet needs to stay strong. During a consultation, our veterinarians welcome questions about your pet’s nutritional requirements. Book an appointment by calling 403-984-4143 so we can put your pet on the path to healthy eating.

Why would my pet need a nutritional consultation?

Nutritional consultations are great for first time pet owners because it introduces them to the foods that are good and bad for their pet. It’s also helpful for long term pet owners who have gotten used to a particular culinary routine for the pets, and may not notice their furry friend’s dietary needs are shifting. This happens and is totally normal. Through our consultations, we can create a specialized nutritional plan for your pet.

What happens during a nutritional consultation?

We usually learn a lot about your pet’s medical condition during their physical exam. Their blood is tested, they are weighed and we feel their body for abnormalities or extra fat. We also have a thorough discussion with owners to learn how often and what food your pet is eating. If we’re concerned about their diet, we arrange a special consultation to introduce you to a dietary plan tailored to your pet’s requirements. Reasons for concern would include signs of malnutrition, dehydration or test results indicating diabetes.

Are there any items I can purchase at your hospital?

Yes! We carry a varied selection of veterinary diet food for your cats and dogs, including Hills Prescription Diets, Royal Canin Veterinary Diets and Purina Veterinary Diets.

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