A microchip can provide a lifetime of permanent identification if your dog or cat gets lost.

Microchipping is an identification procedure commonly used to reunite lost pets and their owners. It has become a great way to ensure your pet can be brought home if you’re ever separated. What we do is implant a small chip under your pet’s skin that allows their contact information to be stored and recalled easily. This chip stores your pet’s vital information and your contact information. To secure your pet’s safety, book an appointment by calling 403-984-4143.

Can the microchip cause my pet any harm?

No. The chip in your pet’s body is inserted quickly and feels like a regular needle injection. There are no side effects and it is not felt by your pet.

Is microchipping mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. Many pets like to wander and socialize. As a result, they may lose their way home. This could lead to a stressful situation for you and your family. To play it safe, we suggest getting them microchipped during their first visit to our hospital.

How will I be contacted if my pet is lost?

Many pet hospitals and shelters have scanners. When a pet is found their microchip will be scanned and their owner’s contact details will pop up. Whatever information is available will be used to reach you. It’s essential you let us know if you move houses or make any life changes so we can update your contact info right away.

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