Behavioural Counselling

Using diagnostic testing to address health issues causing problematic behaviours.

Many people hear “behavioural counselling” and assume it’s only for pet’s who are aggressive. That is not true! Behavioural counselling is an opportunity to get to know your pet and treat psychological issues that affect their attitude. Your pet may have a traumatic past. As a result, they may not feel comfortable around other people and animals. Our consultations teach them healthy ways to cope. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe home for your pet. That includes giving them support to mentally adjust. To book a behavioral consultation for your pet call us at 403-984-4143.

What kind of behaviour would my pet need to improve?

We genuinely believe in and respect the individual personalities that pets display. However, there are some attitudes that cannot be tolerated. Separation anxiety and aggression are common behaviours that need to be treated. If you’re out often or work late, your pet may chew up items or relieve themselves in places that they shouldn’t. If your pet struggles to socialize because they’re territorial, it will be unsafe for other animals in the community. Getting your pet into behavioural consultations as soon as possible makes it easier for us to tackle their problems together.

What is causing my pet to have behavioural issues?

The reasons behind your pet’s attitude varies. During our consultations we like to talk to pet owners about their home, the pet’s routine and the pet owner’s lifestyle. These answers reveal a lot. If the pet is adopted or fostered, they may have developed stress from living in an unstable environment. If the pet had past injuries, that could explain their aversion to certain activities. Sometimes our discussion reveals that your pet just needs some extra stimulation, which means more play time, socializing or physical activity. When we examine pets, especially cats, we’re able to find irritations they may be concealing. Bringing them in for a consultation allows us to treat medical issues that are not visible.

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